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Been a while since I posted a gym selfie😋💪🏼 but I’m still workin’ and using my @drip_fit on the daily!

Got my hands on the new Tropical Paradise DripFit: it smells like a sweet peachy banana tropical vacation and I am obsessed!🌴🍑🍌


Stay ready.......@Drip_fit


Power through the negativity in your life. Set your focus on your goals and block out all the noise. Always keep moving forward.
Be your motivation, never quit 💪🏻💪🏻
@drip_fit Core Support

Just shy of 3 years ago I was looking for a natural alternatives after I gave birth to Jagger. I was breast feeding, I have IBS, I’m a vegetarian of 16 years and low and behold I discovered @drip_fit 💦🦄💕
Never heard of it? Well let me tell you why I am obsessed with this company and the amazing products they carry💕
I first discovered the neoprene waist belt and creams @popeyeswinnipeg and I bought the Pina colada cream. I instantly fell in love with the “waterfall” affect of sweating that happens after each workout when you slowly release the Velcro off the neoprene belt💦💕
I next purchased the Pina colada SIP FIT which is an all natural electrolyte drink with zero calories, additives and preservatives. Even at 7 weeks postpartum I ran my first race and cruised through that race with SIP FIT 💕
Last but certainly not least DRIP FIT is a 🇨🇦 Company run by boss babe CEO @bgetsdrenched who is from Winnipeg!

Waterfall Wednesday?? What??

If you know, you know 💦😀
If you don’t know ... let me share a little ...

I was eying up waist trainers, sweat bands and @drip_fit caught my attention and it as more than than the products it was the whole package; the positive vibes, the smiling faces behind the products and the healthy glow shining through. Joining the team as an ambassador and now a distributor has been an incredible plus to my life and adding to my clients with results and it’s the best feeling when you are getting ready to train to get your sweat intensifier cream on, sweat bands and I’ve just jumped into the thigh bands, to the sweet satisfying feeling to peel them off after and see that sweaty water fall drip after a great workout.

The best feeling!! And your skin feels so soft and smooth!! Love it.


Last nights chest work out was absolutely nuts! By far the best chest pump I’ve had it so long! Morning weight right now is about 182lbs and my strength is going through the roof!! @ash2nutrition has been kicking my ass and it’s AMAZING!! Also I used my candy cane @drip_fit roll on last night and everyone told me how good I smelled!
Side note my shoulder has been bugging me lately and before bed I’ve been rubbing some dripfit on it and drinking some Sipfit before bed and today it feels AMAZING! If you know me I tend to use dripfit for everything 😂 I live by it ❤️

Cardio Essentials ✅
If you’re looking to trim up your mid section and get the most out of your workouts, make sure you have your @drip_fit ! 

Today’s shoulder pump brought to you by copious amounts of rice🍚 & @drip_fit !

I love using DripFit during my training to warm up & get my muscles contracting efficiently, improve blood flow/circulation, & replenish energy stores in the muscle for faster recovery!💪🏼🔥

DripFit also encourages collagen production/retention to help plump/tighten your skin & contains ingredients to keep it hydrated & smooth💦

This miracle cream does it all 😍