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DripFit Transformation - Heather Fisher

DripFit Transformation - Heather Fisher

How DripFit Helped with My Transformation:

DripFit is more than a workout intensifier. It is a mindset! Using the Cream and Band helped bring my workouts to the next level. The cream is crucial for detox and recovery; not to mention all the extra benefits of the magnesium. It was definitely the catalyst to get me involved in the DripFit community and access all the other benefits of the LivBTR and DrenchFit communities.


My Transformation Story:

I made a choice in January 2021 to step out of my comfort zone, listen to my oldest friend and try something new in an effort to change my body. Fast forward to May of 2023, I competed in my first WNBF Bikini Competition - something I never ever thought I would do.

I have always been active, but my workouts were not giving me the results I wanted. Through my work with LivBTR, DripFit and now DrenchFit, I have seen my whole self change: inside and out! I can see my hard work when I look in the mirror and I know that the choices that I make when I nourish my body are working to help me achieve bigger and better things. More than anything, I have become more educated and it excites me to pass on what I have learned. I want everyone to have the opportunity to make a positive change for themselves. Age truly is just a number. I feel stronger, more powerful and healthier than I did when I was in my 20s!




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