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DripFit Transformation - Julie Supple

DripFit Transformation - Julie Supple

How DripFit helped with my transformation:

I first heard about DripFit at a fitness show when I was running backstage. DripFit had just launched, and I was intrigued but skeptical. I watched on IG for a month or two, and then I made an order for the cream and sweat band, thinking 'well, if it doesn't work, so be it'. It arrived. I tried it. I was the girl who rarely broke a sweat in a workout (sweat was gross to me). After using it, I noticed sweat on my tummy. EWW. Then I learned that not all sweat is created equal, and DripFit was actually helping me detoxify ... and I began to chase the waterfalls! I still don't like sweating - UNLESS it's DripFit sweat! Now the more I sweat with DripFit, the more excited I am! I use it during cardio, strength training, and in the infrared sauna. I use it on my feet at night as a sleep aid, and especially if I have been standing in heels! 
Gaining and losing weight as a mature athlete, means my skin isn't as resilient as it was when I was younger. However, DripFit has been tightening my skin! My skin is looking better and better, and as a result, I look younger! Outside of the physical, finding DripFt has literally changed my life. (Read more about that in my story)


My transformation story:

I was a naturally slim kid. I didn't play sports. I didn't exercise, but I walked a lot, and my Mom always fed us well. And I ate a lot. Like a lot. But I stayed lean. 

After college, when I started working an office job, I sat all day and continued to eat a lot. Slowly I gained weight. The first time I lost weight was on the Atkins Diet. I looked great ... in clothes. Then I tried Body for Life. Where had the gym been all these years? I loved it (side note, I had signed up for memberships several times, but never went). 

Then I decided to compete, at age 40. Cue 4 years of massive rebounds, disordered eating patterns, either a free for all, or super strict mentality for years. I finally got stable with the help of some good coaches.

I certified as a personal trainer, and did nothing with it (I said it was for personal knowledge, but I really felt like I couldn't train if I was not consistent with myself. I felt like an imposter). I had “retired” from competing, and while I said “never say never”, I had no intention of ever competing again. I took nutrition coaching courses ... and left them on the shelf. I hit perimenopause, covid hit, my doc wanted to check my heart function, and I decided to just “accept” myself. Excuses I had told myself. And with being home and living in leggings, it was easy to “not see”. I quit weighing myself as I didn't like the number. When I gained weight - I became very skilled at angles and shoulders up only shots.  
I had spoken several times about wanting to take the hormone test through LivBTR, finally, I did it in early 2021. We made a few changes in my diet as a result, and almost instantly lost 3-4 pounds of inflammation. I joined the Freedom to Live Better challenge and dug deep. Realized that while I have ALL the tools, I have coached others on confidence, mine was missing (even in the areas I hadn’t faked in the past). I took pics and almost cried. (The "before" was somewhere the ex fitness competitor had never been). I set a goal way out of my comfort zone. I booked a photo shoot for the end of October and started training with DrenchFit. During this time, my Dad got sick again. By the end of June, he was gone. I had spent the previous 2 weeks at his bedside every day (thankfully I was allowed). I stuck to my goals, not reverting to comfort food. Then another opportunity came up to hit one of my vision goals. It was on a shorter time frame than we expected. I went for it. I did the two photo shoots at the end of October 2021. And by December 31, I was leaner - as I had NOT rebounded, I had simply continued my new way of life.

I talked to a couple of Girlfriends and then Brenley – I wanted to compete again! I knew that I was mentally in a place where I wouldn’t sacrifice my health – physical or mental. I chose May 2022, and about 14 months from my start with DrenchFit – I had lost over 40 pounds. Since then, I competed in October 2022 and again in May 2023. I have placed in all 4 shows. My weight has been steady, I am able to have “off seasons” to build and not gain more than 5-10 pounds. I feel like me, only better. I live a balanced life. There is no good or bad food – just food my body doesn’t tolerate. There is no guilt around food or exercise. My goal is to inspire people that you CAN be fit and healthy – at any age. Age is just a number.

It's not about weight loss. It's about life gain!

I have been "in" pretty much every course we've offered and I am so honoured to be able to coach others now. I took courses and recertified as a Master Trainer, Health Coach. I'm still learning new insights about myself, in fact, a couple of weeks ago, I had another "aha" and once again, something has shifted! No matter how much knowledge you have, no matter how many courses you've done, no matter if you coach others, we all need a coach at times!  It is NOT a sign of weakness to ask for help. Even coaches need coaches! I will forever be blessed to call Bren my coach and my friend. I am grateful to work with her in Drench, LivBTR, and DripFit.




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