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DripFit Transformation - Caroline Soucy

DripFit Transformation - Caroline Soucy
How has DripFit helped my transformation?

I started using DripFit products in 2019 when I wanted to improve my fitness.

I saw a girl at the gym using the sweatband and it piqued my curiosity. I quickly bought my starter kit and followed DripFit on Instagram. I quickly fell in love with the energy and positivity I found there and I was already seeing results. My waistline was getting slimmer, my cellulite was shrinking and my skin was getting smoother.

The pandemic arrived when DripFit gave me the motivation. Sitting around doing nothing is out of the question for me. So I followed almost all the courses and challenges offered by DripFit. I discovered smart training "it's not just about working hard, it's about working smart". The DripFit energy was not only good for my body, but also for my mind. I discovered through DripFit that being fit and healthy is all about balancing mind, body and soul. And since then, I have been working on this balance every day and looking for the positive everywhere.

It's true that my waistline has slimmed down, but I now have a product on hand that works wonders with my muscles: they recover better and the inflammation lasts less. Whether I am in physical preparation for a show or not, I use DripFit every day during my training and for my daily care.

DripFit was a game changer for my mind-body-soul transformation.


My transformation Story:

It is often said that Rome was not built in a single day. So in this case, I am Rome! Seriously, several years passed, dozens even, before I realized, barely 1 year ago, that I was almost there. If I had only one word for my transformation, I would say confidence.

So here it is, I remember like it was yesterday, when I was still in elementary school, I had few friends and I was dying to watch these gangs having fun on the school yard when I didn't dare to take the first step to join them. In high school, it was worse. All the girls were prettier, friendlier and more popular than me. It was predictable: I ended up having a boyfriend, but I couldn't take my place with him. He had all the control over my life or at least what I had left of it. The more the years passed, the more I died out and withdrew. However, I was lucky to have parents present who were able to help me and follow me closely to avoid the worst. My separation made me hit rock bottom and this unhealthy relationship still haunted me. I ended up realizing that enough was enough, that I was much better off. I thank my pride for having made me resist the temptation to plunge again. I did a 360, I met my current boyfriend who made me feel good. But still too hurt, I didn't know how to appreciate it at its fair value right away. I unconsciously sabotaged what Pierre was trying to build with me: I kept my distance and I was in a terrible mood. But their patience and gentleness won me over and I started to change. I have long been fragile. Several things still made me want to, but I still lacked the confidence to go for it and take risks. Gradually, I surrounded myself with the right people. I started doing things that made me uncomfortable, but so proud. CrossFit was one. It was the kick off! I experienced both challenges and successes. Then, at 40, the idea of doing a fitness competition became my new challenge. Oddly enough, I was so scared to go on stage and couldn't believe I would dare to show what I was capable of in a bikini and heels. And it is precisely for this reason that I wanted to do it. 3 years later, it was the big day. What you are afraid to do is a clear indication you need to do it! What was initially a challenge to gain confidence has now become a passion. This sport allowed me much more than a physical transformation. Fitness has taught me to face my fears, to become mentally stronger and to develop a soft yet powerful inner language. Today, I work daily on this confidence which is to develop more and more over time.

Is this the right time to tell you that I can't thank DripFit enough for this energy and support? Oh yeah!! Nothing ever happens for nothing. I became an ambassador a few years ago and you have no idea how much of a boost you gave my ego. And the icing on the cake was that they trusted me enough to become one of their athletes. Today, I am proud to represent, with confidence, a company that has values that correspond to mine. Now I know that it's outside of the comfort zone that the magic happens and consistency and perseverance always wins out. 






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