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DripFit Transformation - Pasqua Paola

DripFit Transformation - Pasqua Paola

How DripFit helped with my transformation:

DripFit has helped me feel good in my own skin every day. At first, I was a silent user who tried this product out while prepping for my first fitness show. I was in disbelief as I watched it work every day, helping with water retention, elasticity, and stretch marks. The DripFit benefits are endless, I say it literally works on anything. From prep to everyday life this product is no joke! I can’t live without DripFit from how I feel using it as a pre-workout or a workout intensifier. Thank you DripFit for allowing me to walk into every room confidently and most importantly feeling good naked! 


My transformation story:

Finding my purpose in life wasn’t an easy ride. During my younger years I spent most of my time sad and depressed. I never felt that I belonged. I kept rolling through this rollercoaster of life hoping one day this would all change, but first I needed to want and make the changes.

As an adult, I tried many ways to make myself feel better from the inside first. Still not entering a gym (that name just scared me lol) I tried VHS tapes at home, yes you read that right lol! Rocking to sweating into the oldies with one of the best Richard Simmons... but that was short lived along with many others I would try to make a move for, the only thing I gained is my love for 80’s music :) I knew a badass woman was inside me somewhere waiting to bust out of her shell. 

Joining many groups over the years, one I did stick to was a running group. A good friend and myself started running 5k races that turned to 10k races followed by 4 half marathons, I felt good but still wanted to feel better!! After running for a few years I decided to go for it. Get a gym membership this time and push myself against my fear. A slow ride at first, but like we all say slow and steady wins the race. Sticking to cardio for a while, I decided to learn more about weightlifting. Little did I know this was the moment. Besides the sweats I would have, walking into the weight area of the gym, feeling intimidated by many, I decided to wear my blinders and just go for it. Learn what I could from my friends and see what happens. What happened? I fell in love with who I was becoming. You could see it in my walk and my talk. No more walking with my head down. I felt good about myself inside and out!  I was over the moon excited. 

Fast forward a couple years, I became a gym rat. I found my happy place, starting my day in the gym bettering myself ... it became addictive! So addictive that I wake up everyday now at 3am to get my day started. A personal trainer at my gym approached me and asked if I was interested in training for a fitness show. The old me instantly jumped in my head and said girl no way, but the new me was fighting her and was trying her hardest to say yes, I had many questions, and I asked away, I decided to go for it. I knew little of this whole new world I was entering, but that also made me transform myself even further. Just like many other competitors would agree, many days I was ready to give up. I cried many mornings because I was tired. My body didn’t feel like lifting, but I told myself WE DON'T QUIT. This is where I prove to the world and everyone who had doubts in me.  I’ve learned so much about myself personally and mentally throughout this process. It was my mind I had to convince, I knew my body could do this, but my mind was starting to play with me - just like old times.

I did what it took to get me ready for my Fitness show and let me tell you that was a whole new level. Things I had to do leading up to the show, no way the old me would have stood a chance. Today, I still tell the story to many of my clients of how I left my old self behind and became this best version of myself.

Throughout my body’s transformation I was 100 percent okay with my stretch marks and the flat skin sagging everywhere, because that tells my story and it’s my journey.

What I have learnt not too long ago is that you have to be your biggest cheerleader in life and ride your own rollercoaster. I can finally say that I am proud of the woman I have become. Old shy quiet girl had transformed into a leader, where I get to share my love for heath and fitness at Genuine Fitness. Getting to help others feel comfortable in their own skin and work towards personal goals fills my cup daily. 






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