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DripFit Transformation - Andrea Ross

DripFit Transformation - Andrea Ross
How has DripFit helped my transformation?

I use DripFit cream for my chronic migraines and joint pain, body inflammation, to help me sleep at night and balance my hormones, reduce my puffy eyes, treat my adult acne, and use it as my wrinkle cream for my face/ body. I used to be in the dark in my bed 20 hours a day. Today I have zero headaches, no more joint / body pain, my acne is gone, and I sleep 7 - 8 solid hours a night. I train, I run, I have my life back. You only find me in my bed to sleep at night now. I use DripFit for so much more and it’s the one thing I never leave my house without! It gave me my life back.

My transformation Story:

My name is Andrea and I'm 52 years old. I have raised 6 children as a single mom most of my life and have nine grandchildren. I've always been into fitness, but have struggled with ups and downs in it over the years. Six years ago I was a women full of drive, energy and compassion for life and everything in it. I was a fitness instructor / personal trainer, I had my own contract business, was the head reach worker for a women's organization and had 4 kids at home with busy lives I managed. I was training to compete on stage for the first time. A dream I had since I was a young mom of 17 years of age. I was training under my mentor of several years Brenley Cunningham. I was four months out from stage when on December 11th, 2016, I was hit by a drunk driver.

My world was shattered and changed forever so I thought. I spent the next five years on a roller coaster ride of therapies with chronic pain all over my body and migraine headaches followed with deep depression's during this time. My mental state spiralled into a deep hole. I lost my job, I couldn't teach anymore, I had to give up my hard contracts. I became a person/mom I didn't want to be. My relationships with some of my children, which were always very close prior to the accident became completely severed. My children started to fight amongst themselves and stop talking to each other. I lived in darkness most of the time in my room, and my wardrobe was my pajamas. I'd go days without showering or brushing my teeth. I felt what was the point. It was never a question of if I had pain, it was what level it was at. Last year at this time, every day I just wished I would pass away in my sleep. I felt like my life was over, and I was this old, broken woman who was unloved and unwanted, and had no purpose in life anymore ... I felt I had tried everything. There was no hope. I had reached the highest weight I've ever reached in my life. I was heavier than I've ever been, even pregnant.

That's when I reached out to Brenley Cunningham again. I thought I have to try one more time. This is where my true journey and transformation began, and changed my life forever. It started with being honest and completely naked about who I had become, and where I was really at with her ... I even had her get mad and she yelled at me one time because of how I talked to myself. She told me nothing would work or change by me constantly talking negative hate to myself. I had to start talking L♥️ve to me. It was an inside job 💚.That was actually the turning point for me to start working on changing my thinking, I didn't run from her words. I had a good cry, felt my feelings , shared them with her the next day and made the decision that I'm worth this. Time to work through the pain and grow.

I did her Freedom to Live Better workbook. Then I joined an amazing group of women. Her Unstoppable group that was 12 weeks long, and then I continued on for the next 12 weeks and then the next 12 weeks with this incredible core support of women with Brenley leading us through. All of us taking turns getting completely vulnerable and naked together and lifting each other up and working through our journeys, I did lots of homework, had lots of 1 on 1 calls. I had the support of a truly inspiring group of women. I added DripFit cream back into my life and healthy electrolytes and minerals. I did hormone testing, I did my homework and I wrote and wrote and wrote. Learning new ways to live, think and treat my body mind and soul, with L♥️ve and digging deep to find out my Big Why. 

When I started this, I couldn't even look on social media because I was angry and depressed and jealous of everybody, living their dreams and moving on with their lives. Today I get excited for peoples successes. I don't have a jealous bone in my body. I'm their biggest cheerleader, and if anything others inspire me today to keep growing and changing and rising up and living my best life. I lost my oldest son Alexander to suicide 19 years ago when he was 16 years old. He was the same age I was when I was blessed to have him. There were no signs, no warning. He was this incredible sweet kind young man. Who I see clearly today was suffering in silence. To be honest, I'd been punishing myself ever since, thinking somehow it was all my fault, and I've done lots of therapy, self-help books, and all kinds of things, but when I started working with Brenley, we got down to the deep root of this great trauma and by the time she was done guiding me. I realized I'm an amazing mother and it wasn't my fault. The true healing within began and today I feel inside this to be true and celebrate how much my son L💙VED me.

I started making plans and having kind authentic hard conversations with my children, family members and friends. Things really started to change. Relationships began to mend and grow. It continued and began trickling down into my family, my children have come back into my life and our relationships today are totally different. They are kind and authentic even in the storms. My children are now talking to each other again and I've let go of my control. I love and accept their choices today and we try and understand each other even if we don't agree ... because I used to live in fear that I would lose them all somehow and I was extremely codependent. I had been a mom since I was a child. They were my world and I was suffocating our relationships from trauma of losing their brother and believing that I wasn't good enough ... and I did. As my life has changed and continues to change and grow ... the people I love see it ... spiritually, mentally, and physically ... they've asked questions and I've shared and I've watched them changing and growing into better version of themselves. Now they're using the tools that were given to me in their lives. I had a daughter-in-law that I hated. I thought she was straight evil. But today, I love her so much and I'm proud of her. It all started with 1 kind authentic conversation and now I'm watching her use these tools to change the pains in her life and make her family and her marriage better. I'm also a person with ADHD so taking a hot bath for two minutes and trying to meditate was like a nightmare to me lol. But from using all these tools I've learned in this last year. Well 20 minutes of a hot epson salt meditation bath is too short now 😊.

I've learned to calm my nervous system and breathe and feel the weight of the world fall off my shoulders in a few minutes, for any situation in my life. I have found this new amazing wonderful life with a deeper, incredible, spiritual connection to me and the world. I no longer suffer from chronic inflammation, or headaches of any kind. I used to see spots in my vision all the time because the pain was that bad, and it is all gone now without having to take any drugs for pain anymore. I use my DripFit, electrolytes, breathing, and all these amazing tools to this day. It wasn't like one day I woke up and I was all better. It was over time as I cleaned the deep inside pains and weathers through the emotional storms, being kind to me, and making new healthy choices that slowly all the other pains fell away from my body, my heart and my soul. Along with a lot of extra weight.

Today I have my hard contracts back and my bosses love me, I started a co-owned breeding business, taking the steps to plan for my future financial retirement goal. I can keep my house from falling to clutter and shambles. I'm rarely in my room, I love jogging, I like to run at least 6 km several times a week for fun with my longest run being 13 km! I go on hikes with friends and I'm now planning outdoor overnight hiking adventures. These are something I always dreamed of doing. I used to dream about traveling, but I was too full of fear to do it on my own. So this year I face my fears, and I left the country all by myself, with no one meeting me at the other side. It was the most emotional and amazing spiritual trip of my life. I loved it so much that I did it again a few months later and I plan on leaving for a month this fall! I've travelled three times already this year. Twice alone and once with some family. This is something I always talked about doing and now I'm doing it! I train at the gym up to six days a week. I am going to compete this May on stage and live another one of my dreams. I have no fear. I'm just excited about the journey now. I have my life back better then ever, because today I truly love myself exactly where I am at in my journey. I've learned to listen to my body/mind/spirit and make time for what it needs because I am a priority today. I do matter. I've received so many gifts this last year as my life continues today, external and internal. But the best gifts is the l♥️ve I have in my life with my children, myself , my friends and watch them l💚ve and support each other. This is my l♥️ve story journey. 





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