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DripFit Transformation - Nicole Iordanov

DripFit Transformation - Nicole Iordanov
How Has DripFit Helped With My Transformation?

When I started my fitness journey I saw and heard about DripFit, I bought the band and cream right away and was hooked. It is the only thing that I use on my body, it’s helped me tremendously then I started getting involved in the challenges that they would host and I got even more hooked to the community and fell in love with what DripFit stood behind and believes in.


My Transformation Story:

My transformation started 5 years ago in 2018. I went into the hospital with kidney stones. At this point in my life I didn’t think of myself to be a person who was out of shape I thought I was living a pretty decent healthy life until the kidney stones happened. I went to check in with my doctor and she advised me I needed to change my lifestyle around, to be active and to start eating healthier. That’s when I knew I had to change my mindset and my lifestyle around for my daughter, I wanted to be a present healthy mother and role model for my daughter, surely enough shortly after that happened they opened up a gym right across where I lived at the time. So I signed up right away and I started hitting the gym everyday 2x a week.

I made it a priority to become to best version for myself, I went from having no self confidence and being constantly insecure, to feeling like I was capable of doing so much more with my life then I knew. I had my son a year ago and started my postpartum fitness journey 10 months ago. The journey is another wild one from learning to love and appreciate myself all over again and let me tell you ... I’m there and I continue to strive to go further in my life for my children. I know life will always bring blessings through the rainy days and sunny days, I will always tell anyone to do it for you! We do not like to be uncomfortable, but in order to see what more we can be and achieve we need to step out of our comfort zone. This has always stuck to me and that’s how I look at life. My kids are the reason I’m always looking to transform myself mentally. The physical transformation... I do it for myself first, that's where it all starts! Cheers to 5 years of growth! 





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